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“Belief is the magic key that unlocks your dreams.”

– Orrin Woodward

The Power Of Belief

Successful people are really just average people who have a STRONG belief in themselves. They believed that they could do whatever they desired and took appropriate action to make it happen. When you believe you can achieve great heights, you will start seeing opportunities to reach that level of success. The power that comes with your belief is a key to success through the creation of reality. To be successful, believing in your potential, your abilities, and yourself is essential.

The Power Of Decision

Joy, love, satisfaction, achievement, and other good feelings do not occur as a result of things going well. They’re the reason that things are going well. Positive emotions arise because things go the way we expect them to. These positive thoughts and emotions are what we bring to our relationships and our endeavors. They are the goals and choices we make. They are the decisions we decide to take. Why do you think successful people reach their goals in life? It is simply because they decided to get rich. They decided to take action to bring their desires to life. They decided on what their plan for success should be, when it should be carried out, and how to go about it.

Evolving Your 10X Vision

Your mindset and the lens through which you see life needs to change in order to achieve great heights. You have to transform your mind and body so you will be prepared for what is to come and be in the right space to wholly accept it. For the first time ever, you will experience how to transform your goals into 10X vision and grow your plan to achieve 100X success all in one year.

Having a vision entails visualizing your desires and establishing your chief aim. Your chief aim can further be broken down into quarterly targets that simplify the whole process and make the goal not seem like a difficult task or an unrealizable project.

When you have your 90-day target, you need to come up with a viable plan that when executed properly will ensure your target is met. This plan will give you structure and have you more organized as you pursue your goal.

Finally, visualizing and planning will not magically make your dream come true. You need to actively take massive action. Without you going out and putting in the work, your dream will remain just that—a dream

“The road to success starts

with the step in the right direction

- Dr. Shaan Kumar

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Chunking Big Goals

Your vision is always a long-term endeavor. Focusing on that can discourage you as it might seem out of reach. This is where the process of chunking will prove to be very helpful. It is a very seamless process and you will be surprised at how much you will have achieved without even realizing it.

Vision To Action

The Vision Planner applies the VPA Model to turn your vision into a reality. Start by clearly defining your Vision, and the #1 Task for this year to achieve that Vision. The next step is to create a strategic plan by breaking down your #1 chief aim into quarterly milestones which must be further broken down into monthly and weekly targets. The final step is to take massive action every day, slowly but consistently improving yourself, and eventually, your #1 chief aim of the year will happen exactly the way you imagined it. 

Create Your Own Vision Board!

A vision board is a manifestation of your goals that you can look at a moment’s glance. Creating your Vision Board involves collecting images or objects that showcase the future you want to create and arranging them on a board for a tangible and aesthetically pleasing reminder of where you're heading.

Daily SIMPLE Rituals


Strategic Time-Blocking

Plan your day into five highly focused and targeted time-blocks of 60 minutes each with 15-minute break.

Ideal Innovation

Spend an hour every day to enhance your creative innovation and to perform your top five weekly targets and daily tasks.

Mindset Mastery

To achieve your goal and mastery, set your focus on your #1 vision / chief aim 90 minutes every day for the next 90 days.

Personal Transformation

Discover the “New You” every 90 days. Set the highest goals to your personal fitness and balance the body, mind, and soul.

Learn and Leverage Everyday

Apply the 1% Rule and improve yourself consistently. Block an hour every day to learn new skills to enhance yourself.

Early Start To Your Day

Rise at 4 a.m. every day. Practice a Daily Ritual - 20 mins each dedicated to yoga, priming yourself, and taking a shower.

Manifest Your Dreams

When your emotional vibrations are positive and are filled with hope and bliss, you will be able to manifest that into your life and dreams. This is also the best time to visualize your desires. When you are feeling vibrations of hope and bliss, utilize that time to make decisions regarding investment, business, relationships, and other major things in your life. Use affirmations to move your emotional vibrations to higher levels every day. The higher you go, the easier it is to manifest your dreams and goals into reality.




The Top Metrics At Each Level Of Success

10X Plan: Discover The 5R Principle

This represents your five daily routines that will cover all aspects of your life. These R’s include Rituals, Routines, the 1% RuleRepetition, and Reinforcement which play a very important role in how your day will shape up. Dedicating a couple of hours every day to these activities will prove effective in achieving your goal. All of your daily activities for the next 90 days cannot be centered on achieving your goals. So, you need to take some time out every day to develop yourself or have some fun


Activities To Provide Energy And Enjoyment


Set of Daily Tasks on Autopilot

1% Rule

Long Term Consistent Improvement


Improve Your Memory and Brainpower


Affirmation and Reinforcement of Positive Thoughts

Are You Ready

To Take Massive Action?

Once you’ve set your mind towards your goal, you need to plan and master VPA. We advise you to take about 10 days before you start the 90-day session to organize and create daily routines and get accustomed to them before you start your Total Transformation. This will prove very helpful as you will have a sense of direction as you take action toward achieving your goal.

The Vision Planner is your accountability partner for the next 90 days to ensure you achieve your goal. This is the first quarter milestone and you must start on a good note. Step-by-step, day-in-day-out, the Vision Planner will guide you to achieve your goal. The steps to success are to visualize, plan, then execute.

You will have daily sprints where you will accomplish micro goals. You will gauge your sprints after every ten days to reflect and see what you have been doing right. There will also be a monthly progress review where you will identify what has been working and your areas of weaknesses. You must take efforts to amplify areas of success and address areas of weakness.

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