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Having the right mindset is everything if you want to succeed in life. Mindset defines who you are and who you want to be. It makes or breaks an individual. Mindset is the foundation of your rapid growth and long-term success. Though we usually refer to fixed and growth mindsets, that isn’t enough. Visionaries have a detailed picture of what their future should look like. From what they will be doing a month from now, to a year from now, to a decade from now, are all visualized in their minds. You can do this too with the help of this planner as it will help organize your thoughts, your desires, and your goals, allowing you to carefully plan and execute your vision.

Chase your vision, not the money, so that the money will end up following you. This planner helps everyone to start their life moving forward with a clear VISION.

Vision the art of seeing what is invisible to others - Jonathan Swift

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The ADVISE Method


The Vision Planner helps hold yourself accountable for all the decisions you make toward achieving success. You can conveniently track your progress to know exactly where you are slacking and need to pick up the pace.


Determination leads to focus and that allows you to do better quality work at a faster rate. The Vision Planner keeps you laser-focused as you become determind to achieve your VISION with dedication, drive, passion and persistance.

VPA Model

The Vision Planner utilizes the Vision-Plan-Action Model where you state what you hope to achieve, how to plan on achieving it, and will finally guide and push you to take massive action in a consistent manner. The Vision Planner is your roadmap to lifelong success.

Innovative 5R Principle

This planner is based on the 5R principle. It will guide you on how to make and follow daily Rituals, create a Rock-Solid Routine, follow the 1% Rule, Repetition and Reinforcement toward achieving total professional and personal transformation in a span of 90 Days.

SIMPLE Strategy

The key to SIMPLE goal setting is to have just one chief aim. Having too many goals can cause divided attention and difficulties in tracking progress. Focusing all your attention on one goal makes you far more effective and capable to achieve 10X Growth.

Ease Of Use

Filling out this planner is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to clearly state your goals, set milestones, and work toward achieving those within the stipulated time. This planner will help you move at a steady pace with its user-friendly design.



The Vision Planner comes with the strategy and principles that will help you achieve your goals in the simplest way possible. It will help you understand the pillars of life, the KISS concept, the 5R principle, and the laws of success that you need to consciously apply to ensure that you attain the highest level of mastery and success. Create SIMPLE weekly and monthly targets to achieve your quarterly milestones and your annual vision.




A Specific Goal answers all the five ‘W’s – Who is involved in this goal, what do you want to accomplish, Where is this goal to be achieved, When do you want to achieve this goal, and finally Why do you want to achieve this goal?


A SMART goal must be achievable and attainable. This will help you figure out ways you can realize that goal and work towards it. The goal should challenge you but be defined well enough that you can actually achieve it.


A SIMPLE goal must have some criteria for measuring progress. If there are no criteria, and hence you cannot hold accountability and determine your progress and if you are on track to reach your goal. 


A SIMPLE goal must be time-bound in that it has a start and finish date. Without a proper timeline of what and when it has to happen, there will be no sense of urgency and hence, less motivation to achieve the goal.


Instead of giving up in the face of frustration and telling ourselves “I can’t do this,” you will get much better results by saying “I can’t do this alone.” Using your teams to your advantage will massively reduce the risk of failure.


Successful people make sure they minimize distractions. Cutting out unnecessary parts of our life frees up hours of time that can be put to good use. Setting SIMPLE Goals will enhance your productivity by 100 times.

Turn Your SIMPLE Goals Into A #1 Chief Aim!

Daily Motivation

Motivating yourself constantly is a crucial step as it allows us to change behavior, develop competencies, be creative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents, and so on. We are constantly responding to changes in our environment and motivation is that necessary and vital resource that will allow us to adapt, be productive, and maintain our wellbeing to take corrective action in the face of unexpected challenges and threats. The Vision Planner motivates you when you can’t, with Daily Positive Affirmations and Empowering Quotes, to give you that constant support when you face difficult circumstances.
Inspire Yourself

Balance The Six Pillars Of Life


We owe it to ourselves to take better care of our health to make sure that we are here for the long haul and get closer to achieving all levels of success.


It is okay to want to be rich but your happiness should not be tied to it. Do not make wealth the single pillar you lean on even thought its important.


Always try to show love and affection to your family and friends as you never know what it might mean to your existence in the grand scheme of things.


Nothing can compete with the presence of a warm and nourishing relationship with your spouse or partner in guaranteeing your inner balance.


Inner peace indicates a point where your mind and spirit are in harmony resulting in lack of fear, anxiety, and immunity to stress and negativity.


In the pursuit of happiness, simply visualize what you want and then work toward it diligently, while balancing the six pillars of life.



The Vision Planner provides you with questions that you need to ask yourself at the start of every day and before you go to bed. Writing down answers to these questions will give you clarity and is a form of self-empowerment so that you start your day motivated and end your day satisfied. Make sure you visualize your answer and pay attention to how you feel. 



It is not enough to have big dreams; you have to be innovative to make sure that they come to fruition. You can achieve them through initiative, imagination, and innovation. The world is ever-changing so you have to constantly be on your toes and come up with new ideas aimed toward achieving your goals. As you take action, always revisit your plan and make changes where necessary.

Transform Yourself

In 90 Days

Every 90 days, you can watch as your life expands and transforms before your eyes. You can watch as your health, income, relationships, time, and happiness all improve. This is the best way to live and it’s why you are here! Set your mind on one chief goal to focus on in the next 90 days, and take massive action to make sure it comes to fruition. The Vision Planner comes with a 90 Day Calendar for you to set goals, make plans, and constantly update it according to your time, energy, and progression. 

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